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Prepare to be amazed. Doody’s Precision Search is Medline® made simple. It combines the ease of Google with the authority of PubMed to efficiently connect all of your users to your journal collection. Doody’s Precision Search is designed to meet the demands and needs of your user NOW – a clean search interface that yields precise and reliable results in just a couple of clicks.

Searches conducted at Doody’s Precision Search deliver precise results with far less effort than at any other Medline® search engine. It's simply the quickest and most precise Medline® search tool available. With an institutional license you can provide this powerful search tool to your whole organization – and link to your online holdings.

Doody’s Precision Search is the modern way to retrieve evidence from Medline, in tune with the way your users expect search to be.

Take a free 30-day trial of Doody's Precision Search and experience firsthand how easy it is for healthcare professionals to find the evidence they need. Click 'Start Trial' below to begin your free access.
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